Why are nicotine salts, also known as ‘salt nic’ or ‘nic salt,’ all the craze and on the rise in vape culture? Is it better than regular “freebase” nicotine?

That depends. Do you want high nicotine but also prefer a smooth, non-irritating vaping experience? Were you turned off by vaping because you ended up still yearning the sensation of cigarette smoking?

Salt Nic Explained

As the purest form of nicotine, freebase nicotine has been the go-to solution for most manufacturers. Compared to the freebase form, salt nics are much less volatile and can take higher temperatures to vaporize. Freebase nicotine and nicotine salts also differ in the way they travel through your body. Due to benzoic acid added to salt nic, it is a more effective way to deliver nicotine.

Salt nic is gaining popularity for people who vape because they’re looking for an experience closer to traditional cigarette smoking. They’re ideal for people who want to vape higher strengths of nicotine but don’t want a harsh ‘throat hit.’

If you’re a cigarette smoker or high-strength nicotine vaper, you know ‘throat hit’ as the irritation at the back of your throat when you inhale. The feeling is mildly irritating for some who would be happy to do without it while others live for the hit as it’s the signal that tells their body is getting the nicotine they’re craving.

Traditional freebase nicotine or regular e-liquids have a higher pH level compared to nicotine salts. The high pH levels result in increased alkalinity which causes the harsh throat hit. In reducing pH levels and minimizing the strength of the throat hit, specific acids are infused with freebased nicotine. The result is nicotine salts.  

The Perks of Vaping with Salt Nic

While salt nics offer that milder, smoother vaping experience, they don’t scrimp on nicotine. And nicotine salts are still the answer if throat hit matters to you and you want to customize its level of impact. If you’re switching from smoking to vaping and a harsh throat hit is what you’re after, you can tailor throat hit to make the transition easier and not make it feel as though you’ve quit smoking cold turkey.

Salt nic allows you to go from a harsh to gentle to no throat hit whenever you’re ready or until you discover which vaping experience is your favorite. There’s no wrong answer. For many, it’s the throat hit that they look forward to most. But for many veteran vapors, zero throat hit is preferable, and they are perfectly happy with a smooth, silky vapor. Throat hit is also not a priority for professional vapors whose primary concern is the quality and production of the vapor when they’re competing.  

That’s the beauty of vaping; you can modify and customize your vaping experience. And compared to freebase nicotine which affects the overall flavor of e-liquids, salts provide richer and more flavorful vaping experiences.

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