If your fluffy friend isn’t a fan of the vet, giving your pet CBD oil is the best way to naturally help them have a less anxious visit. Plenty of pet owners choose CBD for pet anxiety which is understandable considering more and more veterinarians are suggesting it to help ensure their patients are calmer and better behaved during their check-ups. CBD oil can help keep pets calmer, which means you can start your vet visit off on the right foot before you even leave your home.


Just like humans, your dogs and cats have an endocannabinoid system that helps regulate their bodies. The best pet CBD oil gives it the support it needs for efficient operation. With receptor sites throughout the central nervous system and peripheral body systems, the benefits of a healthy pet endocannabinoid system can be far-reaching and help improve your pet’s overall health, wellness, and happiness.


Cannabidiol, or CBD as it’s known to most people, is one of over 100 active compounds found in all varieties of the cannabis plant, including Cannabis sativa L., or industrial hemp. Industrial hemp is rich in CBD but has a concentration of THC of 0.3% by dry weight or less. That means CBD and your pet’s vet visit can go hand-in-hand without jeopardizing their health and won’t get them high. Once the leaves, flowers, and stems of the hemp plant are harvested, they’re processed to get an ultra-pure CBD oil. That oil is then formulated into the best pet CBD oil products available on the market.


Many “behavioral issues” our companion animals have are just them acting out to try to communicate with us. From painful joints to anxiety, CBD for pets can help them better control their urges and manage the stressors that are causing them to act out. By choosing to give them the best pet CBD oil, you’re helping them present their best selves on every vet trip.

Digestive Issues – CBD for pets works for anxiety, but it can help ease the digestive system of your companion. Gut issues can cause pain, discomfort, and accidents that frustrate you and your pet. This can be especially helpful if your pet often has problems with gut issues during your vet visit.

Anxiety – Doctors visits give humans anxiety — and we can understand what’s happening and talk to them! For pets, every vet visit is a break from their comfortable routine. From an unexpected trip out to the uncomfortable wait around strange smells in the vet’s office and, of course, strange humans touching them in a very familiar manner, is it any wonder so many pets dread the vet? CBD for pet anxiety helps give your pet a calmer demeanor which can help them manage the big and unexpected changes in their day.

Inflammation, Joint Pain, and Discomfort – Pain can make anyone grouchy. Pets have limited ways to communicate this discomfort, and the result is often mistaken for aggression. Unexpected trips can ratchet up your pet’s pain as tenseness and increased activity take their toll. Pet owners have reported that they have observed less discomfort and pain-related behavior issues when giving their companion the support the best pet CBD oils offer. This kind of TLC makes visits to the vet more relaxed, with less stress not only for the pet but the humans who are trying to treat them.

Excitability and Seizures – Some pets are high strung. Others, when they get too excited, can have negative events that lead to spastic episodes. CBD for pet anxiety has shown promise in helping not only calm pets but reduce spasticity. By proactively giving them the endocannabinoid to better support their mind and nervous system, you’re helping reduce these often scary situations.


Starting your pet on a CBD regimen is easy and straightforward. It starts with independent research into common dosages for your pet breed and weight. This can include calling your vet and asking if they have a recommended dose, although not all veterinarians have taken the time to educate themselves on the benefits of CBD or common dosages. Start any treatment with a small dose, and watch your pet for any signs of a negative reaction. Slowly increase the dose until you reach either the desired amount or the desired result.

As always, you’ll want to make sure you’re choosing the best pet CBD oil possible. Look for naturally grown CBD oil, as this reduces the chance that there will be chemical contamination that could harm your pet. Look for products specifically formulated for their biochemistry. Human products could contain ingredients that are safe for Homo sapiens, but not for our furry companions. Make sure they’re THC-free and have the certificates of analysis to prove both their purity and potency.

Tinctures – These liquid dosage forms are easy-to-use (and come in great flavors like!) Just draw your needed dose into the included dropper then give it directly to your pet or squeeze it onto their food.

Treats – Meant to mimic the yummy noms you already give them, CBD treats come in popular flavors, like butter, and deliver a potent dose they won’t fight. The extra bonding time makes this a great source of CBD for pet anxiety.

Topicals – Topical applications, like no-rinse shampoos and,lets you deliver the best pet CBD oil to the areas where it’s needed most. Just rub it into their coat and let it absorb.

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